Lazada Gets Another USD $230 Million Capital Injection from Alibaba

Alibaba Injects $230Million to Lazada SEA
Image sources: Tech In Asia.

The Summary:

  1. Alibaba has invested an additional US$230 million into its Southeast Asia-focused ecommerce platform, Lazada
  2. This recent funding is Alibaba’s first injection into Lazada this year. In 2023, Alibaba invested over US$1.8 billion into Lazada.
  3. With this investment, Alibaba’s total investment into Lazada since 2016 amounts to roughly US$7.7 billion
  4. Alibaba first invested in Lazada in 2016 with an investment of US$1 billion, taking a controlling stake in the company.
  5. Lazada launched its Choice offering last year, a platform that competes with Temu and Shein in terms of low-cost offerings.
  6. Alibaba said the Choice platform helped AliExpress – its global ecommerce marketplace – log over 60% order growth in the quarter ending December 2023 compared to the previous quarter.

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Important Shopee Seller Policy Update (For Preferred, Preferred+ & Mall Sellers)

Shopee Seller Update - Preferred, Preferred+ and Shopee Mall

Important Shopee Seller Update impacting Preferred, Preferred+ and Shopee Mall Seller

  1. Average Preparation Time (APT) is replaced by Fast Handover Rate (FHR)
    FHR is the percentage of parcels handed over to logistics providers within a specific timeframe. This means that Shopee will now focus on how quickly sellers hand over their parcels to the courier service instead of how long it takes them to prepare the orders.
  2. New FHR requirement:
    1. Preferred Sellers: minimum 60% handover rate within 30 days.
    2. Preferred+ and Mall Sellers: minimum 70% handover rate within 30 days.
  3. Saturdays are now considered working days for Preferred, Preferred+, and Mall seller tiers.
    This means that you will need to factor in Saturdays when calculating your FHR. However, there are some exceptions:

    1. Public holidays
    2. Fridays in Kedah, Kelantan, and Terengganu
    3. Sundays in all other states

Weekend seller incentives: Shopee is offering commission fee rebates to help sellers meet the new criteria.

These changes are designed to improve buyer experience by ensuring faster shipping times. By meeting the new FHR requirements, you can improve your chances of qualifying for the Preferred, Preferred+, and Mall Seller Programmes, which come with various benefits such as higher product visibility and lower commission fees.

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