[Useful Tips] Upload Image in Long Description

Upload your item images in Long Description on ‘Products Core’ and ‘Channels Plug-ins’.

Go to Products Core and select your product. On text editor, click on the Image icon to upload image easily. Then, go to Channels plug-ins and repeat the same steps to sync your product successfully.

Checkout tutorial to Upload Images in Long Description here.

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! ?

[Webinar] Zetpy joins the very first Online SME DigitalFest by Exabytes

? Hey guys!

Zetpy is participating in the very first Online SME DigitalFest organized by Exabytes Malaysia?

If you are looking to learn everything about Digital Transformation, how to shift from offline to online, you should join this momentous event!

And…If your business (especially retailers, f&b etc) is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and MCO, double the reasons to join this event! ??

Don’t wait! Register now to join The Online-Only SME DigitalFest 2020! 

? ADMISSION is 100% FREE! ?

Grab your tickets NOW to avoid disappointment!!

Register now at

Event details:
 Date: 30 March 2020 to 3 April 2020
 Time: 9AM to 4PM
? Venue: Zoom Webinar


Zetpy session will start at 3:15PM, Monday, 30th March 2020.



Zetpy session will start at 3:15PM, Monday, 30th March 2020.


We will show you how merchant, manufacturers, brand owners can sell on multiple channels easily via Zetpy and we will cover these:

 Easily upload new products to multiple accounts, in multiple marketplaces in just 1 Control Panel
 Centrally update stock to multiple marketplaces, significantly cut down overselling
 Ease your customer service by able to view all orders from multiple marketplaces in one glance, and whatsapp them
 Easily compare multichannel sales ?
 Know who are your top customers in just 1-click
 Onboarding scenario for different users, how you can effectively start right away?
 How can you benefit from the SME Digitalisation Grant? (Zetpy is appointed by MDEC as one of the TSP, Technology Solution Provider)

?? See you at the webinar!

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[Announcement] Lazada Seller Center Performance Stability Check

Dear valued sellers,

Please take note of the announcement below regarding API restrictions that will be applied during the upcoming campaign.

Affected Products: All products 
Time Period: 26th March 2020 (22:00:00 PM) – 28th March 2020 (00:00:00 PM)


The following APIs will be unavailable / suspended during the period:
  • New Product Creation
  • Product Edit/Update
  • Product Details Update
  • Product Images Update
  • Campaign-Approved Product Information Edit
  • Campaign-Approved Product Status Change From ACTIVE to INACTIVE or DELETED
  • Campaign-Approved Product Images Change
The following APIs will still be available / not suspended:
  • Increase/decrease non-campaign product price
  • Update Product Stock
  • Product Stock Update (via Bulk Excel)
  • Product Price Update (via Bulk Excel)
Kindly be ready before the start of API suspension. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! ?

#NewFeature: Set Channel Accounts Setting

This week new feature from Zetpy helps to you set each of the channel setting easily.

You can go to channel plugin > Accounts > Setting. Fill in all the required information and save. It’s that simple!

Lazada: Set Lazada Setting in Zetpy

Shopee: Set Shopee Setting in Zetpy

PrestoMall: Set PrestoMall Setting in Zetpy

Lelong: Set Lelong Setting in Zetpy

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! ?

[Useful Tips] Open Products in New Tab

Open products in new tab allows you to amend and managing your products faster.

You can right-click on Edit icon to open product section in new tab. Or, just one click on mouse middle-click button.

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! ?

#NewFeature: Bulk Print Sales Order

Zetpy new feature allows you to bulk print sales order in PDF format.

Go to Orders, and you can filter them out by order status. Once selected all orders, click on Print to PDF button.

Checkout tutorial on Bulk Print Sales Order here.

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! 🙂