#NewFeature: Top Performing Product

Zetpy new feature allows you to know the Top Performing Product on all channels.

Just go to Reports, and click on Products button. You can see the top selling product and export them out to the Excel file.

Checkout tutorial on Top Performing Product here.

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! 🙂

[UsefulTips] Bulk Update Prices

We have a useful tips for all Zetpy users to bulk update prices with ease! This helps you to bulk update product prices in each marketplace channel via Excel file.

Lazada: Bulk Update Lazada Pricing In Zetpy

Shopee: Bulk Update Shopee Pricing In Zetpy

PrestoMall: Bulk Update PrestoMall Pricing In Zetpy

Lelong: Bulk Update Lelong Pricing In Zetpy

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! 🙂

#NewFeature: Export Order Details

We have launched a new feature that allows you to export orders details with ease!

Just go to Orders, select your orders, and click Export to Excel button. This helps you to easily export order details in bulk to Excel file.

Checkout tutorial to Export Orders in Excel here.

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! 🙂

#NewFeature: Bulk Upload New Products

Happy Chinese New Year 2020 everyone! 🥳

We have launched a new feature that allows you to Bulk Upload New Products in Zetpy at once.

Go to Products and click Bulk Upload New Products to upload multiple new products. Just insert all your product details into Excel file and upload product to Zetpy. This helps you to import your products better and faster.

Checkout tutorial to Bulk Upload New Products here.

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! 🙂

#NewFeature: Print Sales Report

This week, we have launched a new feature that allows you to Print Sales report in PDF format.

Just go to Reports and click Print to PDF to print out channels sales report. You can customize sales report results accordingly based on the respective date, and accounts tabs.

Checkout tutorial to Print Channel Sales Report here.

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! 🙂

#NewFeature: Who are your loyal customers?

This week, we have launched a new feature that allows you to export your customers data to Excel file.

From the export data, you will know:

1. Total order purchased for each of the customer.
2. Total order purchased for each of the sales channels.
3. Your loyal customers from the sales channel.

By using this data, you can give Special Promotion or Discount to your loyal customer, or re-engage your customers faster based on the customer email and/or phone number.

Checkout Average Order Value (AOV) tutorial here.

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What Oppo says about Zetpy?

” We have been using Zetpy to upload product contents, manage inventory and process order on multiple marketplaces.  It really ease our workload a lot, and we also get meaningful insights on our multichannel sales performance which enable to make data driven decision such as – which next location to expand our physical store presence? ”

Isaac Lee
Oppo eCommerce Manager

#NewFeature: One click to On/Off your products

Happy Monday, dear customer!

This week, we’ve launched the new feature: 1-Click to On/Off your products which are changing your product status with 1 click only! In your Zetpy, you’re allowed to set active or inactive the product and it will reflect directly to the marketplaces.


When you inactive the product by turning off  the toggle button, the product will be inactive in your marketplaces:

Eg, Product inactive in Zetpy will be:

  1. Inactive in Lazada
  2. Delisted in Shopee
  3. On hold in Prestomall
  4. Hidden in Lelong

This is very useful & saves lots of time when you want to inactive your product in all marketplaces, just do it with 1 click in Zetpy rather than changing it to each marketplace!

You can set it in Zetpy Products listing or set it separately in each marketplace plugin.

#NewFeature: Sales Report


Good News to all our customer,

We’ve launched the new feature – Sales Report this week! In your Zetpy, you’re able to view your sales report overview in the left navigation bar, Reports.

You’re able to track your sales progress over a customized time period among all marketplaces account. Besides that, you are able to know how much total order, canceled order, unpaid order, return order and also your average sales order per day. It helps you to do a details analysis to find out how you can grow your business further!

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together!

Lazada 12.12 API Suspension ( Dec 2019 )


As we draw closer to the Lazada 12.12 Campaign, please take note of the announcement below regarding API restrictions that will be applied during the upcoming campaign.
Affected Products: All products 
Time Period: 11th December 2019 22:00:00 PM – 14th December 2019 23:59:59 PM
The following APIs will be unavailable/suspended during the period:
  • RemoveProduct
  • CreateGlobalProduct
  • CreateProduct
  • UpdateProduct
  • MigrateImage
  • MigrateImages
  • SetImages
  • UploadImage
The following APIs will still be available / not suspended:
  • UpdatePriceQuantity** ( Temporary blocked from 11th December 2019 11:55 to 12th December 2019 00:30 )
  • Get* (all Get APIs)
Kindly be ready before the start of API suspension.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Wish you have a fruitful sales during 12.12 !!☺️