Zetpy Shopify Plugin

Zetpy helps you to sell more by syncing your Shopify products and inventory to leading Southeast Asia marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee etc. It allows you to easily upload products, change prices, update inventory and more - All in one control panel.

More Channels, More Sales

Sell where your customers buy. Easily sync your products at Shopify store to Lazada and Shopee today and start to see your sales grow! 

Support 5 Lazada & 5 Shopee accounts

Each Zetpy account allows up to 5 Lazada Seller Accounts, 5 Shopee Seller Accounts, 5 Prestomall Seller Accounts and 5 Lelong Seller Accounts.

Fastest Way to Sell on Lazada and Shopee

Import your Products from Shopify to Zetpy and sync them to Lazada and Shopee easily and effortlessly. After that you can update and control your product details, pricing and inventory all from Zetpy.

Easily Start Your Shopify Store


Or are you currently selling at only marketplaces, and plan to setup your own eCommerce store on Shopify? Then you can easily import your products from Lazada or Shopee and sync them to Shopify in minutes, too! Our customers success team is here ready to guide you to onboard! 

Reduce Overselling Online

When a product is sold in Shopee or Lazada, the inventory level will be updated to Shopify, vice versa. Lazada orders are pulled in every 5 minutes, while Shopee orders are pushed to Zetpy as it happens. All these are designed to help you reduce your overselling by 90% and more! 

Set Different Pricing

Zetpy allows you to set different pricing, different product titles, images etc, optimized for each different sales channels.

Centrally Manage Inventory

Automatically update stock quantity in Shopify when a new order is received from Shopee & Lazada, or vice versaa. Reduce over-selling significantly!


Know Your Customers

Do you know who are your Top 100 customers? that buys from you across all channels like Shopify, Lazada, Shopee etc? It’s just one click away in Zetpy.


Improved Customer Service

We consolidate all order details with updated status from all your Shopify, Lazada, Shopee etc into one dashboard, giving you the ability to easily track updated order status so you can respond quickly to your customers.


Whatsapp Your Customers

Just one click to whatsapp your customers on it’s order status, enquiries etc. Much easier, and faster to respond to customers needs and enquiries and gain a 5 star review for your service!


Accounting Software

Processing more than 50 orders a day and still manually key-in the details to your accounting software like SQL Account, Autocount or Quickbooks? Subscribe to the accounting plugin and remove away the repetitive, mundane tasks and be free from human-error! 

FAQs for Zetpy Shopify Plugin

The paid plan supports only one Shopify store or Woocommerce store, if you need more, contact us at sales@zetpy.com

It depends. For lazada, the order is pulled back every 5 minutes, as for Shopee, the orders are pushed back as it happens.

Yes! We allows multiple times import from Shopify to Zetpy. However, for each import, only new product will be imported.

Absolutely. Once the Shopify products are imported to Zetpy, you can change price, product title, information, pictures etc before you list and sync to Lazada, Shopee etc.

Zetpy’s Shopify Plugin connects to your existing marketplace accounts. If you would like to expand to a new marketplace, you will need to sign up directly on the marketplace before connecting the account to Zetpy. Yet to have an account with Lazada or Shopee? You can sign up here now

Register a Lazada Seller Account Now 

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