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Learn how Zetpy made your day-to-day selling tasks easier

One Control Panel to Upload All Your Products

Easily upload your products and sync to Top Marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Prestomall and Lelong – Up to 5 sellers accounts per marketplaces.
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Centralized Inventory Control

Significantly reduce your overselling issues, and says goodbye to manually update your stock inventory as new orders are flowing in from Lazada, Shopee or your own online running on Shopify or WooCommerce. Zetpy will automatically update the inventory for all the products as orders are fetched back from marketplaces or your branded eCommerce store.

Easily Manage Product Variation for Lazada and Shopee

Easily create a single product SKU with a specific variation (eg Colors, Sizes, Flavours etc) and then group it to become a new product variation. This feature allows you to easily manage your products upload to both Shopee and Lazada – especially so for Lazada as not all categories support product variation. 

All Your Orders in One Place

All your orders from multiple sales channels will appear in one control panel – Imagine how it can enable you to provide Faster and Better Customer Service to your valued clients. In Zetpy, we give you full order visibility with updated order status, in which you can easily search the orders by NAME, MOBILE, or ORDER ID.

Know Your Customers

Do you know who are your Top 100 customers? You probably don’t, but it is just one click away in Zetpy. We give you insights on your most Loyal Customers, the Average Order Value (AOV), the Customer Life Time Values (CLTV) and more.

Advanced Analytics

Discover what’s the next best location to expand your retail channels, or set up your warehouse.