Customer experience with Zetpy

    positive review  been a user of Zetpy for many years now. good service and system. recommend online sellers to check them out

    Benjamin Khew Avatar Benjamin Khew

    positive review  Great experience with the company's software and service. Simple interface and great support staff.

    Lim Jia Shen Avatar Lim Jia Shen

    positive review  Zetpy solves the problem I have that has been bothering us for years. We are in an omnichannel business and the stock has been always an issue for us to manage. Thank goodness I found Zetpy that manages to link all our stock in one place and sync it to all other channels. I have more time doing marketing instead of managing stocks now. In terms of their technical support, all my tickets are looked into seriously by their technical team. Am always able to provide reasonable solutions that can solve or help our business. Reasonable pricing for their services and small business like us can enjoy corporate-like support and service but paying friendly fees. Keep up the amazing work for small business owners like us!

    Louis WL Tan Avatar Louis WL Tan

    positive review  Highly experienced and dedicated team to help u bring ur business online. Highly recommend to anyone looking to sell online.

    Ken Kok Hoong Ho Avatar Ken Kok Hoong Ho

    positive review  Introduced to the Zetpy software and was amazed by the services available and provided, this is a must have for all businesses running multiple e-commerce platform πŸ‘

    Zack Yong Avatar Zack Yong

    positive review  Highly recommended to any business looking to streamline their business operation and manage multiple eCommerce sales channels. We use Zetpy for our website with multiple sales channels and Xero. The support team is always helpful and very quick to assist. Hopefully, Zetpy can provide integration with TikTok Shop in the future.

    Shambie Adzhan Avatar Shambie Adzhan

    positive review  Zetpy provides a good platform for ecommerce entrepreneurs to organize and manage sales within multiple platform with ease. The support team also did a great job in assisting us through the app. Thank You Zetpy!

    Mohamad Ikram Zaki Avatar Mohamad Ikram Zaki

    positive review  Zetpy has helped us a lot for improving our business especially the cross platform management functions. The price is also worth for the services. But the most valueable reason for choosing Zetpy is their friendly & helpful team to solve all our problem leading by a visionary leaderships. Recommended to all πŸ™‚

    Fns Mart Avatar Fns Mart

    positive review  highly Recommended!! kami dah cuba sitegian* dan bigsel***. akhirnya kami decide utk zetpy.. sangat memuaskan hati, support team yang bagus, boleh autosync inventory, price, details, gambar dan lain2 di semua platform. tambah lagi dgn pos system pon boleh integrate. takyah pening kepala pasal short stock bila jual di kedai dan online store. saya recommend peniaga shopee, lazada, dan website utk cuba zetpy. mungkin boleh cuba free version dulu. boleh contact zetpy, nanti wakil diorang akan contact utk bagi penerangan. and of course, kadang2 ade glitch jugak dgn zetpy ni but not all the time.. yang penting diorang ni cepat recover dan selalu improve. so far puas hati. keep up the good work guys. hopefully in the future, korang akan ade call centre.. senang sikit nak troubleshoot dan dpt response..

    Mohd Khairul Asyraf Avatar Mohd Khairul Asyraf

    positive review  easy to use, special credit to Ming Zhen, always help to solve all our challege

    Wit Stella Avatar Wit Stella

    positive review  Saya telah menggunakan Zetpy untuk mengaturkan semua penjualan saya secara online dan sangat memudahkan saya untuk stock monitoring dan di bahagian fullfillment. Bukan itu sahaja setelah sangat berpuas hati dengan khidmat oleh Neowave , kini website saya telah fully automation ke platform runner dan agihan order dibuat mengikut outlet.Bukn itu sahaja Team Zetpy sangat respondsive didalam support group sebarang permasalahan dan persoalan dikendalikan dengan cepat dan proaktif.Saya akan terus menggunakan khidmat ini dan sangat salute dengan Bossnya Mr Adrian sangat open mindef utk sharing issue - issue dan input input bisnis yang dapat memberikan impact yang lebih besar kepada perniagaan saya.Tq Zetpy Tq Neowave !

    Abdul Halim Ali Umar Avatar Abdul Halim Ali Umar

    positive review  Very good and easy E-Commerce platform for our supermarket online shopping at Zetpy team also very helpful, good cooperation and take prompt action to assist us at any time. Highly recommended to all.

    Baizura FG Avatar Baizura FG

    positive review  Easy to use, very efficient to sync products for few shopping platforms. Highly recommended πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Leojl June Lai Avatar Leojl June Lai

    positive review  Have been using zetpy since it was established, from only inventory integration to accounting QuickBooks integration and much more. Grateful to the fast and responsive support team all these years. Looking forward to how much more zetpy can bring in the future! Keep up the good work!

    Ting Xian Qi Avatar Ting Xian Qi

    positive review  Nice team and good product, highly recommended. We has tried few erp sync product, final we decide to take Zetpy. With Zetpy, we no more headache in multi platform stock sync issue, especially big campaign time. Second, Zetpy provide accurate sale report, never wrong count, this help a lot when count total sale. Last but not least, Zetpy team are very helpful, never miss out our question and help to solve it. Thanks Zetpy.

    WK Toy Avatar WK Toy

    positive review  easy and useful help to managing my ecommerce platform, my inventory management and product syncing very satisfying with zetpy

    Kok Hang Avatar Kok Hang

    positive review  Easy to use and helpful in managing the ecommerce platform orders like Shopee & Lazada. One of the features, the AWB printing, has the option to print AWB + Packing List in the same page, has saved us printing time and papers, thus speed up the picking and packing process significantly. Most important, customer service is top notch!

    Jay Sin Avatar Jay Sin

    positive review  Zetpy is easy to use and it’s amazingly intuitive. I highly recommend this platform to anyone that wants to make e-commerce as easy as possible. Some of my favourite features are 1) Centralized inventory system, 2) Bird-eye-view on all my sale platforms, 3) Sales tracking, 4) Easy accounting management & 5) Great customer support service. It saves my time and again and the ecommerce store is a breeze to manage. Keep it up Zetpy!!πŸš€

    Chan MKong Avatar Chan MKong

    positive review  Love Zetpy so much, user friendly and excellent customer service support. No more headache on inventory with multiple e-commerce platform.

    Abby Khok Avatar Abby Khok

    positive review  Excellent product, very user friendly and efficient. No more painful experience on my inventory anymore.

    Eric Heng Avatar Eric Heng

    positive review  easy to use and quick response from customer service. 5 start 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Vicke Tee Avatar Vicke Tee

    positive review  Suitable for ecommerce seller to sync product inventory, get customer database, access sales report. Very satisfied with their features.

    Soon Bon Avatar Soon Bon

    positive review  A multiplatform e-commerce solution built by a dedicated team. With a strong leader and extremely helpful team, they have a chance to be a market leader if things are done right. looking forward to see more tools and enhancements in the near future.

    Kevin Htj Avatar Kevin Htj

    positive review  Saya sarankan untuk guna Zetpy kerana fungsi2 nya utk mengawal dan menguruskan data dari beberapa marketplace e-commerce, dalam 1 dashboard.. dan banyak lagi fungsi2 yang bakal membantu usahawan meningkatkan lagi jualan dan interaction dengan pelanggan. Bermula dengan akaun percuma, dan upgred ke pakej berbayar. Memang Berbaloi. Terima kasih Cik Hani atas customer service yang bagus.

    Ayun Nisa AbdRahman Avatar Ayun Nisa AbdRahman

    positive review  Really love Zetpy. Even with free account i can manage my inventory all at one place. And can sync to my many marketplaces. Realllyyyy appreciate this platform, i suggest others to try too.

    Sarah Evaravenspell Avatar Sarah Evaravenspell

    positive review  Zetpy allows us to integrate our inventory, products, orders, customers and reports in one single module, covering marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, Lelong, PretoMall, etc. Eases our daily workscope as we can focus on other developments within our online stores. Easy to use with an ever reliable back-end support team. A system which will increase sales & productivity but reduce manual work.

    JQ Wong Avatar JQ Wong

    positive review  I strongly recommended Zetpy for any e-Commerce sellers. βœ…Good Customer service & tech support βœ…One Control Panel To Sync IT βœ…Integrates with Company Website βœ… Acceptable Cost - woocommerce (wooaws) x zetpy #GoodJob πŸŽ‰

    Alan Tong Avatar Alan Tong

    positive review  Signed up for Zetpy around end of last year, initially there were quite some bugs but Zetpy team were helping us step by step and explaining to us on all issues and possible solutions. They even sent their remote team all the way from Melaka to meet up with my team in Klang to monitor some of our problems. 6 months later, most of the bugs or issues are all solved and I am a very happy user. Special mention to Daisy who is our account manager that keeps communication on all the time even during her off day. πŸ‘πŸ‘

    William Lee Avatar William Lee

    positive review  After tried few other tools, we found Zetpy is the best tools to cater all our needs in order to sync our sku to Marketplaces. Not only save time on uploading product but the outstanding part is the powerful stock sync really help us a lot on inventory monitoring, no more nightmare on overselling happen since using Zetpy. Also, 6-star best customer service i meet in IT firm so far. Highly recommended.

    Gxg Comm Avatar Gxg Comm

    positive review  I strongly recommended Zetpy for any e-Commerce sellers. (1) Omnichannel - It helps manage your inventory across platforms eg; Lazada , Shopee , Lelong & PestoMall. (2) Efficient- You can easily manage all your orders from all 4 platforms inside Zetpy itself. (3) Simplicity - Variant is one of the superb inventory functions that i love the most. Customize it to your liking and sync to Lazada & Shopee with just a simple click. (4) Productivity - To edit a single SKU, most sellers will log-in to each platform and edit manually. With Zetpy, you could edit SKU and just sync without any hassle. (5) Service - I'm sure you'll have a great experience with their support team. What are you guys waiting for? All e-Commerce sellers should give it Zetpy a try!

    Jack Xiao Avatar Jack Xiao