Zetpy SQL Account Sync

The Complete Products, Inventory, Customers and Orders Sync

Zetpy SQL Account Sync

Do you or your staffs spend long hours every day typing your online sales order into your SQL Accounting? And often times made mistakes?

There is an easy and effective way – Introducing Zetpy SQL Account Sync – your products price and inventory can be sync automatically from your SQL Account, and every online order (from Lazada, Shopee, WooCommerce, Shopify etc) can be automatically imported back to your SQL Account as Invoice or Sales Order.

When you create an Invoice on SQL Account, stocks get updated too

Zetpy SQL Account Sync offers you a complete sync solution – It means your products and inventory can be sync automatically from your SQL Account, and every online orders coming from marketplaces (Lazada, Shopee etc) or Shopping Carts (WooCommerce, Shopify) can be automatically sync to your SQL Account, in which your inventories will be updated too.

Not just that, when you create an Invoice in SQL Account, the stock count will get updated to Zetpy, and push to the sales channels too.

It also allows you to set the timing (as fast as every 5 minutes) of how fast and frequent you want to update your product inventory count in SQL Account to Zetpy.

How does Zetpy SQL Account Sync Benefits You?

Complete sync with SQL Account

The complete eCommerce sync solution with SQL Account. It syncs your inventory from SQL Account to Zetpy, and sync your online orders back to SQL Account.

Increased data accuracy

Eliminate the need for manual data entry and the chance for human error. It means more accurate data for you to analyze and take your business further.

Save time & money

Still hiring a staff to keyin the invoice one by one? Just import all your Lazada, Shopee, Shopify or WooCommerce orders from Zetpy into SQL Account in one click! This saves you lot of time!

Marketplaces orders back to Zetpy then to SQL Account

The order details from various Marketplaces or Shopping Carts can be synced back to Zetpy and those orders can be assigned special Invoice-Prefix or Debtors, and synced back to SQL Account.

Advanced inventory management

You can set SQL Account as the inventory master, and schedule the time to sync the product inventory from SQL Account (either one location or all location) to Zetpy to get the most accurate inventory data.

Reliable Windows application

Zetpy SQL Account Sync is a Windows software application installed on your secured server or desktop that host SQL Account Software. It handles the flow of data in between SQL Account & Zetpy.

Reduce manpower & boost your efficiency

No more manual entry of your online sales order into your accounting software. Quickly import all your online orders from Zetpy into SQL Account. This eliminates manual data entry and also human error.

Leverage on SQL Account Reporting

By syncing online orders over to SQL Account, you can combine transaction of online and offline orders to generate a more accurate report, helping you make the right decision in your business.


What is SQL Account?

From Malaysia SMBs, SQL Account is one of the most popular and preferred accounting softwares. SQL Account software consists of six core modules which are GL, Customer, Supplier, Stock, Sales, and Purchase. It helps you easily automate your accounting data. Any update product price or stock information easily get updated to your marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee or Your own brands.com running on Shopify or WooCommerce. Through SQL Account, eCommerce business owners can directly communicate with their accounting departments to get real-time insights of your accounting model. It also ensures safe backup of your data with minimal errors or duplication.