[Shopee Seller Tips] – Get your basics right first!

“Fix your basics first!” famously quoted by ShpoeeXpert Ira Aziz.

In this week’s #ShopeeSellerTips, Ira provides tips on how to improve your listings with Shopee’s Listing Optimiser!

(To accss Shopee Listing Optimiser, please goto Seller Center > Business Insight > Selling Coach > Listing Optimiser)


◾ Minimum 30 characters (⚡ use multi languages)
◾ Use relevant keywords to optimise buyers’ search (🙅🏼‍♀️ unrelated keywords spam!)
◾ Choose the right category (⚡ refer to similar listings if unsure)


◾ Minimum 300 characters
◾ Use point form, keep it simple and compact
◾ Use more attributes for the system to easily understand the products


◾ Minimum 3 images (⚡ Ideally: 8 images + 1 cover photo)
◾ Use interesting and prominent images
◾ Videos 📹 help to improve sales and views by 3x


Click to learn more on how to fix your basics with Shopee’s Listing Optimiser