New Shopee Commission and Transaction Fee Update Starting 1st June 2021

Shopee Seller Commission and Transaction Fee Update – June 2021

Starting from 1st June 2021, Shopee will be charging Marketplace sellers a small commission fee on all the orders. The range of increase will be from 0 to 2%, depends on which tiers you are as Shopee Marketplace Seller. Take note this doesn’t affect anything if you are Shopee Mall Seller.

The new Shopee marketplace commission will be as below

  1. 2% for Preferred & Preferred+ Sellers (from 1st 100 or more Completed Orders )
  2. 1%  for Non-Preferred Sellers (from 1st 100 or more Completed Orders )
  3. 0% for Sellers with less than 100 Completed Orders (Accumuldated, Life Time Basis)

If you noticed, all sellers that sell 100 orders (Completed Orders only) or less will be exempted from the commission fee, which means you are still paying only the 2.12% Transaction Fee (inclusive of SST) on top!

But it is not calculated on monthly basis though, which means, once you have more than 100 Completed Orders from Shopee Marketplace, you will have to start paying a minimum of 1% marketplace commission.


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So one common questions that pops up…

Why are Preferred and Preferred+ Sellers charged higher commission?

Simple, you get more bang for your bucks! Serious merchants would want to grow further via Shopee Preferred & Preferred + Seller status. It will helps you convert way more customers! (Repeat.. Conversion is EVERYTHING)

  1. Higher buyer confidence with the Preferred and Preferred+ label
  2. Boosted search listings and search filters to increase visibility
  3. Buyers can both earn and spend Shopee Coins only on Preferred, Preferred+, and Mall Sellers
  4. Preferred+ Sellers enjoy up to 15% discount on Shopee Ads Credits each week when topping-up

Checkout the Shopee Marketplace Growth Package too, that gives Preferred and Preferred+ Sellers more than twice the benefits compared to non-Preferred Sellers.


Tips: Completed Orders means Paid Orders that have been delivered to and accepted by the customers (buyer). This excludes cancelled or returned / refunded orders, and orders pending buyers to receive and accept delivery.

This is how you can check for your Completed Orders.



For complete information on Shopee Marketplace Commission Fees, please refer to the official annoucement below:

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