[Webinar] How to Grow Shopee Store with Effective Facebook Advertising? – Zetpy & Friends Webinar #6

With over 2.7 billions users on Facebook & Instagram, you can’t afford not to advertise your Shopee store on the social networks.

But we all know… it’s not as straight forward.

Join our guest speaker, Jason Gan, as he will discuss the 3 dilemmas about driving traffic to your Shopee store and HOW TO tackle them!!!

He will also share about his signature 2-Step Funnel Framework that he has been using to help over 500+ Shopee sellers from Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia to significantly improve Facebook ads ROI.


It’s totally free of charge!

Zetpy & Friends Webinar
Date: 9th February 2021 (TUESDAY)
Time: 10.30am – 12pm (GMT +8)
Venue: Zoom Webinar

1) How to Grow Shopee Store with Effective Facebook Advertising? – By Jason Gan, Founder,

2) How Zetpy Enables Shopee Sellers to Grow Omnichannel and Boost Your Selling Efficiency? – By Ming Zhen, Head of Sales,

PLUS: Quick info on how to take advantage for SME Digitalization Grant for Zetpy ? !




About the Speaker:


Jason Gan – Foudner,

Jason wears multiple hats, he is a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional, a keynote speaker, a business coach and an entrepreneur. Jason Gan founded Tribeup in 2010 as one of the first few digital agency in Penang. He has worked with over 200+ brands including EcoWorld, Sunway, Electrolux, Epson, etc. in their digital marketing activities. Started training business owners about effective Facebook advertising since 2016. He has since trained and coached over 3,000 individuals from various industries. Brands trained includes AIA, EcoWorld, CIMB, Bonia, AirAsia Big and more.

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Ming Zhen – Head of Sales,

Hi all, I am Ming Zhen, just call me Ming if you can’t pronounce the word “Zhen”. I had a marketing bachelor degree at TARC KL. I shop frequently online, and I’m passionate about eCommerce and data. My key role in the company is to share and educate how Zetpy as a data technology platform, can enable sellers, manufacturers and also brand owners to sell both online and offline (omni-channel).

I get great satisfaction seeing how our users and customers benefit from what we do, one of my personal goal is to help more SME make data-driven decisions!