#NewFeature: Import Product from WooCommerce to Zetpy

Import your products from WooCommerce online store and manage them inside Zetpy!

Before import your product, please take note that:

1. Only NEW products from WooCommerce will be imported to Zetpy. The existing products in Zetpy will not be imported again.

2. If you already have the existing product in Zetpy, kindly make sure that product SKU in WooCommerce same as Zetpy.

3. Stock will be managed in Zetpy Product core. If you update stock in Zetpy, it will sync to WooCommerce.

4. To change the rest of the product details, you can change it under Zetpy-WooCommerce Plugin.


Checkout our tutorial to Import Product from WooCommerce to Zetpy here.

Zetpian wishes you sell more online and grow together! 🙂