Start using Zetpy, for FREE!

Yes, you hear it right! You can sign up and start using Zetpy for FREE.

We (Zetpians, aka the earthling that works in Zetpy) believe in entrepreneurship and young people, and we want to empower the young and new to succeed in the world of Omni Channels!

Our free plan, allow you to process up to 100 orders a month, and did we mention that.. it allows you to connect up to 5 marketplace accounts each for Lazada, Shopee, Prestomall and Lelong (Top 4 Malaysia Marketplaces)?

If you are just starting it off selling online, follow our suggestion!

  1. Register with either Lazada, or Shopee, both are heavy traffic marketplace
  2. Attend their online courses (Lazada or Shopee University respectively)
  3. Spend time crafting out good, quality content (Think of what customers want to know when buying your products)
  4. Upload, and start selling by promoting. Use social media to drive traffic too to your own listing.
  5. Get orders, engage the customers, grow the revenue.
  6. Ready to expand to additional channel? Then start using Zetpy 🙂  We can import back the products from Lazada and Shopee!

Most important step is START DOING.

Tips: Make sure starting off it right, by inserting a  SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) values for each of your product or its variation, this will make it much easier to consolidate later.